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Quick "google" translation:

Well, here one that has already tested the 162:
Today garbí with winds around 15 knots and sea level on the shore and within the typical choppy with code red 2 of 10 meters with 2 fins. The first difference you see is that it has thinner nose and the board is more square, then straps must be open two dots more at least, they are smaller.

In the water:
Having wind to go along with 10, got the flipper that last year used to wind medium and weak-foot mast at the point recommended table upwind was very noticeable track is not flying anything, not if that there was enough ... But go much control which allowed power limit better, more comfortably. At the time of the stern note that there is quite a difference, many more than upwind, but have a long low table that pillarle the trick not braking, what good is always low, there is seldom that upwind to catch speed and get off more.
In trasluchada costs more caentear but holds more before the plane stopped making it easier to remove the trasluchada planning.
When the wind dropped, I realized that we need a little flap powerful because with the wind that last year used for little wind did not have enough power to take off the table altogether and went braking.
These sensations are the first day and sailing alone, if there tomorrow with the fate of castellón try using some of last year so I can draw conclusions, if this will loose the serial is good.

If someone can make some changes, please, welcome!
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