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Well, here we go! (please excuse my english)
Today with "garbi" (tipical local thermic wind from SW) about 15 knots and flat water near the shore but some tipic chop so far, and with a 10m CodeRed, and a Aeron boom. The first diference is the nose more slim/thin and the overall board seems to be more "door" (more square, like a box, wider at nose and tail). The straps are narrower and needed to open it a bit more.
In the water:
Wind enough for 10m sail, using the last year fin i used for low-mid wind and mastrack as recomended, the board feel so railed, it dont fly at all, maybe the wind was very low... but with a lot of control that let me go upwind better, and more confortable.
Downwind, here i feel a lot diferent, more than upwind, the board go so deep but need some skill for avoid to loss speed, the best is allways still downwind so deep, and dont need to loss angle to mantain speed.
Gybing is harder to carve but mantaining speed more easy, then is more easy to still planning while gybe.
When the wind drop down, i feel i will need a more powerfull (than my last year i used) fin for low wind because (my last year fin) makes the board a bit sticky and slow.
Note that is my first day with the board, sailing alone, tomorrow i hope to sail with "castellon" (local) guys , some still having last year board, and then i will have conclusions, and if the wind is so low i will use the stock fin that have good look.
I hope this helps


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