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Default equipment market versus windsurfers

Equipment market falling: huh, we don't care about them, right?

We would worry if ever fewer people were windsurfing, right? If it was only that people stop buying ever newer and more expensive gear every year, as the magazines tell them to, then that would be OK. We could then concentrate on improving skills with the equipment at hand, which is only 1-2-3 years old very often anyways.

But me reckon, visually at least, that the numbers of people windsurfing are probably going down. Places I go anyways (inland North America these days). Fewer people learning (can't learn from a "pro" with only very high-wind gear), jaded sailors switching to kiting. Older ones retiring, few young ones taking it up.

So I wonder why there is so little new blood at the sport... The few that teach, do teach on the smallest possible sinkers, because they're pros at the local beach.

Alas, them's the vagaries of the sport...
Happy 2008 and much sailing with 2007 and older gear all.
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