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Check out
this will show you what the board looks like under the skin. I'm starting a refinish on a Wood Acid, but way more involved than what it sounds like you have. Being meticulis myself I would touch up even the small chips, I would think just about any paint that matches, or you could use clear 2 stage epoxy, something to seal and stop further chipping, in the past I have even used finger nail polish. Scratches first I would try to sand with a very high finish, mirror fine, 1000 grit or higher. Ace Hardware or like would sell it by sheets. Remember that any repairs that are visible are going to effect resale.If you touch up with paint lightly sand the area first, if its large then use primer first.
Sounds like a cosmetic problem for the most part but could develope into something you'll see on the boardlady site. Drag it in a shop if in doubt for a 2nd opinion.
good winds
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