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No definite dates yet. Probably late Feb or mid March. I'm thinking Tampa or Miami - so I can rent some gear.
I will look for your dates and see if something lines up.

Anyway - I really would like to try a serenity.

Currently I have a FF158, f2 air 115 and 10.4 nx4, 8.5 retro, 6.6 nx2 and a 5.2 ezzy. (195lbs, great lakes or smaller inland lake sailing)
I am definitely thinking about going all retro's next year. My 8.5 is simply put the best sail I have ever used!
My thinking with a serenity is that I could have a 8.5,6.5,5.5 retro quiver, a serenity and a futura/isonic 122/133 and sail from 0-30knots. I put alot of importance of sailing when I have time - not when the wind blows.
What I am unsure about is - will the serenity give me the same "fix" as a ff158 and 10.4 blasting light wind? (which I love!)
or should I go formula or apollo and a retro 11.0 rig and then the futura/isonic 122/133?
Your opinion would be appreciated.
Thanks for your continued help.
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