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Default RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104

Hi again Ola,

I am starting to find this very frustrating, as perhaps you and Ian are finding as well from your perspective. From your last post it is obvious to me that we are on different pages and you do not understand my fundamental point. I am running out of ways to express myself and I wonder if you are just so far ahead of the rest of us that you just can not walk in our shoes? I have a tremendous respect for both of your abilities and terrific assistance on the forum that I myself have found very useful. I can not figure out why you do not understand my point.

To specifically respond: I threw out all my notes of accumulated data and the spread sheet. It was so consistent that it seemed redundant to me to save it at the time. All I have left is a summary sheet of fin sizes relative to sails and boards and an area calculation chart. I will e-mail it to you but I am sure that this will not add any enlightenment to our discussion.

You can "look at your fin sizes for a while" and it will lead you to a more complex matrix than my formula. I imagine that it is quite normal for you to use a terribly small wave fin that I would spin out like crazy, to get out to the waves in light wind conditions, because that is the size that is ideal for surfing in, because you size your wave fin for the board and waves, not the wind. Or you use a mini fin for speed sailing where you have to bear off until you have sufficient speed to load the fin. These situations would result in different coefficients. They would certainly be consistent for you for that application, but you would have a different coefficient than the 0.53 and you might even have 2 or 3 different coefficients for different applications. And again the formula can be adjusted to cover those expert situations as I tried to say in my last post to Ian, but it becomes more complex for those few sailors who do not need a formula: probably redundant. But I maintain that you would find a linear relationship as long as you kept some applications separate.

This does not apply to the vast majority of us. We need a fin that gives us full lateral resistance regardless of our mode of sailing, hence one simple coefficient. It is remotely possible that some of us have sufficient different sailing style that we might need our own coefficient, but it would be close and it would be consistent.

Which leads us to our fundamental disagreement: it is indeed possible to develop an empirical formula that is indeed straightforward and is simple and effective to use for the vast majority of windsurfers. As long as we continue to argue about the exceptions that apply only to a very small segment of expert windsurfers we are never going to communicate.

Perhaps the disagreement is centered on your premise that I should use more advanced sailing techniques to adjust for more advanced sailing conditions rather than keep my fins consistent to allow me to sail my own comfortable way whatever the circumstances? I don?t know, but if that is the situation then it is just not realistic for the majority of us who do not have those skills or in my case don?t even want them.

Perhaps this part of this thread should be moved under its own heading in the bulletin board so that we can have a discussion outside of the elite few who this forum is focused on. I don?t know.

If I could understand what is behind your disagreement then perhaps I could communicate from your perspective. Barring that I think that I am just guessing and I am stuck.
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