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Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'lift-up' in terms of the sail. Unfortunately, I might not have a chance to ever try a North Race Sail as they are simply not available in Australia and I'm not really good friends with any North sailors in Europe to get a test drive (I will try one day)...

Do you mean to lift the nose?? I certainly think the Vapor is tuned best by setting your gear up to keep the nose lifted (boom high/track back etc) so maybe you are saying that the North sails help with this? Hard to know without sailing them. Some of the recent fins I have tried that are similar to the Kashy's by being very soft are giving a lot of power underneath your feet on towards the back of the board which I feel keeps the nose down a lot more compared to a standard R13 (my usual fin), so I find I like the track back a little on the Vapor (and most likely would find that on the 162) with these powerful fins compared to an R13.

Certainly the Vapor has the classic starboard feeling. I've only ridden the 162 twice (briefly) now but I believe it has the "classic" feeling as you say. It feels somewhat stiffer under your feet than the 160/161 did, but so does the Vapor and I think that's a good feeling. By "stiffer", I mean that the board is a little more responsive to toe and heel pressure so you can really keep the trim nicely under control by being a little more conscious of what you do with your feet (getting on your tiptoes upwind etc). It doesn't "sponge" away upwind if you are underfinned like the earlier models tended to do if you are running 12m sails for example...

Would love to test the Exocet one day also... Remi, you're not here for the Oceanics ??? Thought you were coming up...
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