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> I feel in my country windsurfing was growing slow

Good on you'z. And sorry, missed the place. Where is that?

> I think new ideas in windsurfing has influenced a lot and is taking windsurfers back
> to their sport and is catching new people in the sport.

I know very few that were sailing 10 years ago, were waiting for some improvement, and are coming back just *because* Starboard introduced a new this-that thing. Those few that are coming are 45-50 and resuming their old sport on whatever is not a 70-liter sinker.

> Clubs want to have a windsurf school and its becoming more popular in kids too.

Yeah, there a few of those, very few.

> People coming back from kiting.

I would not count those are "new" arrivals. Very best case, it's statu quo there.

All of the above in my personal reckoning, of course.
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