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Roly Gardner
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Thanks Roger, that is very helpful. Think I will hold on to my dosh when it comes to carb mast extensions. I have bought the Tush Lightening 7.8m which is compatible with a 25 mcs mast so extended by 27 cm I should be spot on with my 460 mast. The boom is set at 220 though and my max boom length is 222. Do you think that this will be ok?

What do you think the minimum wind speed for planning my Carve 145 with the 7.8m rig would be. I am currently 175 pounds (and falling as I get a bit fitter!) and 5' 6" (unfortunately cannot do much about my height!). Hoping it will be around 15 mph as we get alot of days in the Summer where the wind does not get above this. I sail at Eastbourne on the south coast of England - sea, South Easterly and a little choppy.

I am also going to Boston this year in September. We will travel around a bit after a little stay in the city. We finally end up at Hyannis for a week on the coast. Is this any good for a spot of windsurfing? Can't wait to sample the American restaurants again!


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