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well, i dont think Starboard is the only one influencing the sport.
I see starboard doing a great job in Serenity, Apollos and for sure other type of light wind boards, but other companies are doing good job. Exocet is doing a great job and I see people in North supporting a great job in Florida for example. I see also, more and more people in Caribbeand around freestyling in light wind conditions. No maneouvers in any sport can be done in 6 knots...yes, you can do them in windsurfing. Just check Bonaire people and how this ideas are being spread in the world.

About kiting, its ok, its growing too, but I dont think kite compares to windsurf. People can kite and windsurf or windsurf and kite or windsurf and surf or windsurf and wake or windsurfing and skate or windsurf and work. Its just another sport there that shares the same conditions. But I think are different and I hear in lots of places that people is attracted to windsurfing now when maybe 2-4 years ago it was not happening.

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