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Default Formula Wrapup

check out steve bodners writeup, also, but here is some more--

Jimmy Diaz is the Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic champ for 2008! A very tight event, held in mostly up and down conditions even when it was windy on the second day. Micah was second (on a very light board, by the way...) and it could have gone either way, but Jimmy won on the tiebreaker. Mathias was third, the rest of the results are at Fernando Martinez sailed the best of the local Miami crew coming in 4th I believe.

Conditions were challenging for Formula with big puffs, shifts, some non-planing and some very powered planing. Saturday was beautiful weather but lighter winds that really showcased who could plane and who could not, Sunday the breeze was much more solid but northerly which makes for some weirdness here in Miami, particularly with the windward mark being close to shore. Friday was good for Kona, but too light for Formula.

New North Warps are looking very good for sure. Kashy has a monopoly on the fins right now.

Thanks to all the sailors and particularly Micah and Jimmy for coming and making year two a great event. Shake A Leg really pulls out all the stops, the hospitality is really top notch. It is great to have top level sailors here in Miami for the event and we hope that even more of you can make it to sunny Miami in January 2009 for this awesome race.--Jim
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