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Ian Fox
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Great to see good racing underway in more FW conditions...
The Orth is deadly when you give him half a chance,
so keep him covered - or he will fly away.

And that other mover and shaker
also doing well on the water, even if he's been seen straining himself on the beach
(maybe we get him a Tiki lycra..)

But the one I'm really waiting for to "let fly" (hehe) in the ultralight conditions has yet to have his day.. But I'm sure if it goes light the Grandest Master of the fleet will give you all a hard time to the top mark. Go Tibor !

Congrats on being able to organise, race (well) and run the great media/website, Sean.
It's quite a lot to fit in each 24 hrs hey !

Cheers ~ Ian
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