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Originally Posted by seasharp View Post
Chris, I have tried an Iso 122 and for lake conditions it's not much fun because they are designed to be powered up all the time.
Yeah. High performance production raceboards are NOT biased for 1) fresh water (i.e., less dense than sea water), and 2) gusty winds. The proper adjustments for inland sailors are slightly wider boards with more volume (and bigger sails sized for lulls).

Originally Posted by seasharp View Post
I also think you have to be a very advanced sailor to get the most out of them.
Well, having such a board and working to learn how to make it SING is how you get to be advanced! So it's not to be dismissed without thought. In such a sailor, choosing the iSonic, I'd recommend Technora > Wood.

In my case, I was debating the iS122 vs the F133. There was some rationale for an F144...but I decided that was just too big for a 70 kg sailor.
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