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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

I'm posting this text here , because earlier posted in wrong place.

I'm absolutely against Apollo. I'm against what it brings to FW comunity, to small local communities. It doubles costs for racers. It's cocial, not financial side. It eliminates weekend club racing from scene, because again you must have a lot of equipment. It starts equipment wars again.
Formula was fantastic class before Apollo arived. Only one board was enough to race every weekend all year long. So STARBOARD guys, don't register it to be legal IFWC board. Let it be as it is, but don't touch FW!!! If you'll register Apollo for IFWC, I'll made it not valid for local and national competitions for a year or two. I have an experience with an old style slalom which required more than one board. It died. Every racing discipline will die very quickly if it requires more than 1 board and 1-2 sails. Also more than one board killed and is killing children sport.
Let it be experimental board until all the industry will agree on its place. If it is Apollo class then it is Apollo. Not formula. Leave windsurfers in silence. Don't f*ck their brains with early planing progress. I see progress in marketing only

Best regards
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