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> get your facts straight

Firstly, there are no facts, just what people feel and live and witness (think that they) in their part of the world. That's why there is a forum and a discussion.

> Windsurfing is growing where I live, bigger numbers

Damn I wished people stated the location (or did you and I missed it?). There's been a few of those statements, pros or cons, but I never get what is their "where I live". Just curious, so we can get a picture.

> over the last 2 years, more and more windsurfers on the water!!

Doubly interesting - state location again. Wherever I go (few cities North America, admittedly work-related) and talk to people it seems down. Hope you're not referring to Bonaire and Hatteras, which are nice and growing, but not representative of the rest.

> local windsurf shops report biggest sales in years, better get your facts right

This argument was debated elsewhere: I find more and more sailors buy multiple gear and renew yearly. Good on them if they can afford and it makes them much better sailors. But more sales does not necessarily correlates with more sailors. Esp. that more and more shops sell kites now and must include those profitable sales in their success.

Personally, am torn between "let it be, screw them, I'll sail in my dwindling crowd, I'm my own world", and "it used to be social and fun, and not a big Tupperware party, I'd like to share my great weekly fun with my fellow peers".

Tough call...
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