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Default RE: Windsurfing in Melbourne, AUS

Good morning, Owen,

You may care to try the following:

Elwood and Middle Park, if you are close to the City. Sorry, I don't sail at either, so cannot give advice about what works and what doesn't. You might go to Repeat Performance in Elwood, where the guys can give you lots of excellent advice.

Further down the Bay:

Dendy Street, Brighton: works on a SW

Green Point, Brighton, N through to W

Hampton Beach, Hampton, Southerly (haven't sailed here but seen others do it)

Sandringham is not favoured, except by learners.

If you are in the area, stop by Sailboard Headquarters in Sandringham for some advice

Rickett's Point North, Beaumaris, (to the right of the Tea House): SW, but be careful of the reef at low tide.

Rickett's Point South, (to the left of the Tea House): W through to SE (best is SE and it gets mighty crowded). Watch the reef at low tide.

Mentone beach, Mentone, W through to SE.

At both Rickett's Point South and Mentone, respect the swimmers otherwise the Lifesavers can get aggressive.

Parkdale Beach, Parkdale Yacht Club, W through to SE

Gnotuk Ave, Aspendale, NW to SW

All of these beaches have their own little communities and can offer sound advice on what to do/not to do.

Sandy Point is a dead flat-water venue where speed is the go. It can be off-putting if you drive for 2 hours and then find there's no wind.

Hope this helps,


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