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Hi Ken
Our backgrounds sound similar.
With water skiing even on that first attempt you will be skmming ovr water/wind in your hair and excited and skiing at perhaps 20mph. First attempts on a big (ish) board your max speed will be 5 mph ???
In WS your initial experiences are nothing like those you get perhaps 2 seaons down line.
First time you jump off a cliff (Tandem) in HG you kow precisely what you re getting into.
Our beginers can only imagine and watch and accept there is a lot of learning to do before the "adrenalin" side of sport can be accessed.
Problem is we tend to attract people into sport as an adrenalin one; which it isn`t for at least a season or we "push" big boards which do not reflect what the sport is really about.(Sorry big board sailors) Hence the number who leave.
Just let the sport develop without trying to steer it one way or another.
We really should not be in the busiess of "selling" our sport.
Let it sell itslf. Its best port in world.

Rolls Royce do not advertise.They dont need to. Neither do we.

PS Daughter mono skied on her first day`s skiing.(At 8)She still cant gybe properly 18 years later.(Hope she doesn`t read this though)
Thats the nature/attraction of our sport.Very very few ever fully master it.
How do you sell that ????
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