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You dont realise how ironic your post is.
If you enjoy sailing longboards/old Div1/ perhaps old D2/modern raceboards and to a lesser extent Formula you post makes perfect sense. Personlly I do not enjoy sailing "big" boards and unfortunately thats excatly the same view as I would guess 90% of the WS population.So when you say take up WS what you really mean is the sort you enjoy.
If you xamine board sales I`m pretty sure you will find that medium to high wind boards outsell big boards at least 10 to 1. Go to any renowned sailing venue. (Canaries/Leucate/Tariffa/Dahab/Rhodes etc etc) and just see how many peope sail in under F3.Again the ratio will be of order 10 to 1.(Compared to numbers on water at F5+)

If its not windy go biking;skiing; or whatever. There are other things in life.

We should stop this continual recirculation of ideas to lower limit for enjoyable sailing.
Its just a myth. At least 80% of current sailors only want to sail when its windy. Its like trying to snowski when there is no snow. Why ????

A good anology is with motorbikes.When its windy my board responds and feels like a Fireblade.(More exciting and way less dangerous actually)When its not I`m back on a moped.Its just fact.
If you like mopeds great.But dont tell me I should or that its anything like a fireblade !
Its just simple power to weight ratios.

PS Anybody can barefoot on first mornng. We never had a failure.Some even did so before skiing.
And no I don`t define being able to windsurf as carving in 26 knots(Where did that come from)

I was in it when it was huge. It was rubbish at side of today.
Non planing windsurfing is Sailboarding.Sailboarding was huge and virtually died out.
WindSURFING means planing.(Dont think you can Surf without planing)
I`m not interested in Sailboarding.Good luck if you are but dont try and convert me.
Windsurfing is a difficult sport to learn .Fact.

I`m off on my moped.
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