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You must be a quick writer.I get logged off before I`ve written that much.

My comments were based on the sailing I witness (regards the strength of winds sailed in). Sailing in lighter winds will just never be as popular as it was because in general sailors just dont want to sail in lighter winds.Thats not insulting those that do.How many sailors will actually spend 1500+ to sail in under F3.Not many.
The board sales/hire centres and popular venues demontrate this.Look at size of sails/boards available at venues mentioned.
I`m not trying to alter anything.I`m saying it as I see it and I would explain our sport and all its faults(which it does have) to any prospective beginner.
Selling the sport and saying its something it isn`t is actually more damaging than just leaving it alone.
I just find it strange that many sailors see it as their duty to "sell" the sport,even though they are not invoved in the industry and try and promote it with little sincerity. Why????
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