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Default Market research, really ?????

> I have done a complete marketing research of all water sports this year

Please explain, what country, what methodology. Surveys? Driving around (as I do)? Various countries?

> except that I hear from factories they are increasing production

If you heard from factories... mmhh.

> marketing studies that show interesting growth in windsurfing again.
> I did numbers after checking it and found an interesting growth in NA

Please sources.

> biggest company of sports reasearch in the USA said a growth in
> windsurfing of 28% from 2004 to 2005, an 109% from 2005 to 2006

Please sources, so we can check methodology. Wanna see growth by sailor, not sales to a few, right?

> This are real numbers, not talking just of any invented numbers.

Please sources, then we'll judge for ourselves. It's gotta be small sampling at first, but sources, then we'll see.

> In the USA there is an estimate of 1.1 million windsurfers.
> This is real numbers.

Sources ? Surely no sources that wouldn't be on the net already?

> The reason, windsurfing is attractive in light winds - say 3-8 knots -
> By the other side...longboards are coming back and center fins too...

That's gotta be judgment, not the result of a market study, right? (Since this is all recent development).

> The other reason, Formula.

Really? Driven around non-Bonaire, non-Hawaii places lately??

> But be clear, most clubs, spots and nice places to go to the beach have 3-10 knots...

You're right mate! Inland, lakes, rivers, bad offshore places, winter in Sydney, etc.

> in that wind, light wind freestyle, learning windsurfing in a school or
> using a the best choice you can have.

I personally agree, don't see it happening. Little light wind freestyle other than Bonaire and that pierrec45 guy on YouTube. Precious little indeed.

> Just focus:
> longboards: best way to have fun and dont worry about the wind.
> Why not go back to the 80s...?

I agree, as I see soooo many people saying they're too good for the wind at hand, but this is still a personal belief, not happening by the truckload yet.

> go slalom, go freestyle and go long distance.

Precious few people compete these days - look at events, is a very, very, tiny small percentage of sailors. People don't want to compete. I see sooooo little slalom, racing, freestyle other than hot spots. Ya? (and good on people just having fun sailing around !!)

> I was in bonaire last year and could understand why ....
> Got impressed, is a nice wind spot but there are days of no wind
> (for a shortboard) as in any place in the world...but those days,
> is lot of people learning and freestyling in the beach.

I doubt very, very much that Bonaire is representative. That's why they're the only guys putting up Tubes of that kind of freestyle, and nobody else.

> We are following their example in some way. DONT NEED WIND to
> promote windsurfing, need to HAVE FUN in a breeze.

100% agreed mate, good on you. NOBODY is too good for the wind, ever.

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