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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

Hi milk laser,

While I can see your point about wanting to race on a fixed design to limit the cost to be competitive, I often wonder whether the industry and the racing commumity needs to be anchored in design concepts from a fixed period in time. It's like saying, hey I can't handle tomorrow because it doesn't meet my pocketbook, or my limited vision. Doesn't Formula Experience meet the budget class quite effectively already?

Well, frankly, I glad that designers are focused on the visions and concepts to keep new ideas alive. What do you think that the top board, sail and fin designers want to do year after year? Why frustrate the folks with the ideas? If change in the numbers of windsurfers occurs because of the direction of the sport, then that's fate. I've been windsurfing over 20 years now, and was I ever disappointed with the potent flow of ideas and innovation? No. Really, I think the industry has stepped up to a broadly varied marketplace at all interest levels in the sport. Many folks have actually complained that leading brands have too many models available.

If you want to stick to a certain design concept, that's a respectable option. When you enter a race, and you do your best and finish, you will be recognized for your performance in the class you're competing in. Yacht club folks race all the time integrating different classes in events all the time. Everyone must decide the limits and boundardies of their game, and that's respectable and fair.

Even though I've never been a racer, I've still had to define my commitment, and its associative cost, in my participation of the sport. I've got true wealth. Yearly upgrades across your quiver aren't necessarily required. I make it a point to be conservative, so I can make the best of my budget and opportunities.

Hey, I ordered a brand new slalom board today. I don't even know what it will exactly look like, but I know that I'm going to be happy with the outcome. It's like rolling the dice, and knowing that I will win every time. Then, I'll ride the crest of performance for years, even though tomorrow might be a bit different than today. Ferrari comes out with exciting new designs all the time, but I see no reason not to invest at a point in time. The top of the line product stands out over the test of time. No worries.

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