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I just come from 2 days of sailing against sx M. I sail 111 '07 and weight 82 kg. . Use to sail it with 7,8 and 6,8 with fins from 38 to 42 .
Here my experience:
yesterday wind was 11-13/14 kns (not the best for slalom,I know) and I easily smoked everybody (but I was in 7,8 and 42 while they were in 7 or 6,8 and M).It was clear that my 111 got plane quite easy and menaged wind holes pretty well.Lot more replacement.I was amazed how fast I was in that condition.
Just to let you know I wanted test a M rigged with a 7,7 race sail and 38 fin and the plates all the way down. NO WAY to keep planning !!
Today wind was much more strong but very gusty (12-26!!).In the beginning rigged a 7,8 and 40 fin (while others were set up like yesterday) and played a bit in rough chop but very soon I thought I've wronged the call.Very difficult sailing downwind and not truly able to push the pedal (while the guys were really fast).So went back ashore and changed for 6,8 (same fin).Things changed once again and now I was damn fast and with lot more control.
Me and all the slalom crew we use to train are solid and fast so it's hard to say if my stuff is better than their but I feel the isonic gives me a bit more chances in changing conditions.
It needs to be said that it requires a very different style than F2.If I was 95 kg I wouldn't have doubts and would go straight for new 111.
I'm thinking to buy a smaller new 101 but today wasn't enough time to give it a try.
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