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Manufacturers simply feed demand.If there were a market ; they would fill it. Sailing today (at my local beach) there were 30 (approx) boards. No dingies; no sea Kayaks and no light wind gear.Thats the norm. (And about half a dozen kiters on beach and on water when poss)Everybody again went home when wind dropped.
Jut dont understand your demands on manufacturers (etal) for them to have to create and then fill a market to suit your view of the sport. The Serenity no doubt is fantastic but it will only ever be old in tiny numbers.If you read the blurb on this site it even states that the Serenity "can challenge" div 2 board performance.(Which we have had for 25 years) The kit for light wind sailing is already available and has been for 20 years. It just does NOT sell in numbers.Fact.You are asking manufacturers to
a) Create a market
b)Fill it with more exciting low wind kit.
In the real world they can do neither.
I applaud your obvious enthusiasm but dont agree that anyones to blame for decline in non-planing WS.To the vast majority of sailors its just a stage you have to go through to get to planing sailing.
That is NOT knocking anyone that sails in light winds.
Good sailing.
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