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Default Keeps Getting Better

Starboard have helped bring windsurfing to a wider audience and made learning easier. Thatís probably why they have succeeded in a very competitive market.

To me light wind non planning is a different sport to high wind planning. I prefer high wind planning because of the adrenaline rush and the gear is smaller, lighter and easier to use. Less effort more reward.

If the wind is light I hit the surf, again an adrenaline rush for a very small financial outlay.
Nearly everyone I know and see at the local surf breaks use a short surf board. Long boards are cool but very few surfers use them.

The next time you see a Laser dinghy look closely at the sail and compare it to your windsurfing sail.

For me the most exciting development has been in shorter, wider, floater boards and lighter, more maneuverable bigger sails that lower the wind strength needed to have planning fun.

In my neck of the woods the sport is growing and the gear just keeps getting better. There has never been a better time to windsurf.
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