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I'm not "demanding" anything, just discussing the growth of the sport.

About creating and altering demand - it's what advertising and marketing do.

A big reason Serenity-like equipment hasn't been used much for 20+ years is that it's true that the way marketing went in its short-sighted attempt to keep production lines running, you were publically laughed at and heckled for using a D2, as World Cup champ Nathalie Le Lievre once described to me. I don't know of any other sport where magazines have attacked the biggest section of their own sport with printed advice like "it's social death to sail anything that floats" as they did.

Lots of people seem to be in denial that this happened, but it did and still does; more recently someone in the old Starboard forum threatened serious physical harm to anyone who put a longboard in his local shop. Surely it's got to be accepted that marketing and feelings behind such actions played a significant part in curbing light wind windsurfing (as the world's biggest sailmaking guru and the #2 sailor in the boomtime, etc say it did).

I'm not saying the whole sport has to really start pushing light wind sailing, I am saying that people should stop being negative about it......just let some people do what they do without telling us that we are not "really windsurfing" and similar things. And it's easy to create light wind kit that is more exciting that 99% of the stuff being sold today.

What is happening in some spots and what current sailors look for are not guides to growing the sport, because the modern sport that is typified by those attitudes is much smaller than what it used to be. If those of us who were into the sport in the '70s have been guided by what was happening at our spots then, we wouldn't have started windsurfing in the first place. To grow the sport, we can use our imagination and not just look at where we are.

Anyway, enjoy your sailing.
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