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Hi Remi,
I'm not discussing better performance and progress of Apollo. I want make people to pay attention to social side of that board.

Do you remember the years when formula was borning? There were three years in a row when each year the boards width were increasing aprox 10cm. Technically we have a good board, but what happened to racing scene. I remember that during those 3 years it was totally lost. People was tired to buy new different width board every year. All the racers went to kiteboarding. In 2002 we started the season with clear IFWC standards, and 3 participants in competition. Now we have 10-20 FW sails in weekend races. It took 4 years to grow what was lost. Maybe now you understand why 75 cm and other improvements doesn't inspire me. Why we must repeat mistakes? I think it's too much motivation, believing and inspiration to be a "racer in racing community" will be lost. Maybe it's time to think in both directions and think what new designs gives to promote the sport locally. Your arguments about Leba, Korea and portugal defends only high level competitions organizers side.

So, my proposition is not to register Apollo for IFWC. When the next year Apollo will be ready to replace existing FW board, then it will be good decission. It's your responsibility to keep active and numberous local fleets too.

Lost of one racer in local communities is a big loss. To become a FW racer tooks about 3 years. Those are the years when beginner eats a whole fleet spray, adopts physically. looses every race, sees the leaders passing him sometimes two times. There was an hope that TOW will help him to become better. Now it's clear that only $ and additional board wins racing. It's straight way to kiting. And I see it now.10-15percent of people have left FW for kiteboarding and freestyle this year. Then let's promote kiting.
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