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Hi Carvesalot,
The Smith and Co. penetrating epoxy will do just what you want it to.
It will slightly penetrate any "dry" areas of the wood layer on your board and seal them up so that they are adequately saturated to prevent them soaking up any water.
It will not cause any problems with the layers under the wood layer as the
penetrating epoxy will only "soak" into the dry areas that will accept it.
It won't "penetrate" through fully laminated fiberglass or carbon fiber, and it
won't hurt divinycell as it's an epoxy based resin, and divinycell works best
with epoxy resins. All of the resins used in the manufacture of your board (and all
Starboards) are epoxy based.
I talk with Eva (The Boardlady) from time to time and when I get a situation like yours,
I email her with the specifics of the problem and wait for her recommendation.
She uses various different resins for different reasons, and sometimes switches to different resin manufacturers when she finds a good new product, or can't get the specific product she wants.
Your board (and all its sandwich "layers" will be fine if you use the Smith & Co. penetrating epoxy.
Hope this helps,
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