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Default Driven by Wind live

The Driven by Wind attempt, organised by Dave White, will have the second try coming Thursday. I've never seen predictions look as good as they are looking now. This could be THE day. Finian will be there, I hope Björn will be there and I heard Dave is trying to get Antoine in as well.

Hans Kleingeld, our weather guru is predicting windsgusts over 50 knots and the forecast is looking better every hour.

We will try and show live 5x10 second seeds and semi live 500 meter speeds. Remember the speeds being shown are not the offficial ones but they will give a good view on the speeds being sailed over the video timed course. We areable to set virtual gates corresponding with the start and finishline.

Follow the race on for live 5x10 and semi live 500 meter speeds. for semi live 500 meter speeds.
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