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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

I agree with Mr milk laser . I reckon it,s great that starboard are trying ideas that lower the planning threashold ,it should only be encouraged , but by registering 2 different boards for FW racing it is feeding the "gear wars"mentality . The sponsored sailors and those that are cashed up will bring 2 boards to an event and chose the one to register based on the weather forecast . Normal sailors can not compete with this , again widening the gap .
Don,t forget the whole essence of Formula when it was devised in the late nineties was to be a lower cost alternative to the madness that PWA course racing had become . A one board philosophy was at the core of the ideal .
Every racing class in history that has taken the "gear wars " approach has failed . Sanity must prevail .
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