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Default iSonic 144 vs. formula.

I have a formula 159. I sail it with a 10.3 Tushingham Lightning.
My next board when the wind comes up is an Aero 127. I use the Aero mostly with a 6.5 wave(ish) sail with which it's quite good and loose. I have an 8,5 sail which works ok on the Aero but I don't want to spend too much time on switching fin and strap position when the wind goes up and down and the Aero is not really a blaster.
The Aero will have me going (with a smile) around 18 knots of wind.
The formula will work here but it's not really what I want.

Soo... Would an iSonic 144 with an 8.5 sail be a nice bet for a board inbetween the Aero and the formula?
Could I switch the formula for a bigger iSonic?
I'm 97 kgs and quite experienced.

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