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Default RE: Which iSonic (94 or 101)

Hi Again Hans,

To further reply your comments :

1. The 5.5 and 6.5 overdrive sizes are in the sweetspot of the iS87 and compromises the 5.0 RS4

Correct, especially for 95kg speed/slalom.

1. The 6.5 OD is in the sweetspot of the iS94, 7.5 at the edge of the sweetspot, 5.5 and 5.5 are (too) small with the iS94

Correct, especially for 95kg speed/slalom.

If remarks stated above are true the iS87 will be the better option for me for the OD 5.5 en RS5.0 (maybe on the edge).


I didn't try it's precedessor with a 6.5, but the 6.0 GTX worked very nice.

It appears to me that not very much has changed when you compare the sonic85 with the iSonic87, but this may be misleading while I don't know anything about the details. Which improvements may I expect on the water to feel and see (GPS) compared to the sonic85. I can imagne the differences might be small, but it is nice to know how 1 year development may work out!

Well both versions basically share a similar rocker and have theoretical similar top speed, however what we developed into iS87 /94 is the general iS trait of more control and easier riding at the top end/limit, in both flat water and extreme chop, which improved in iS87/94. Marginally, not quantum, but enough to notice with reasonable experience. Nett result is a a board that is more fast more often (or more correctly, able to be sailed closer to theoretical max a higher % of time, which in real world makes a board faster in most situations, even if the design/theory vMax doesn't change)

When I take a rough guess the best board option with an OD 7.5 is the iSonic101?

Correct for you in this case (c/w iS87/94 options) if you also want good 7.5 range for general slalom racing and/or "blasting" as well as doubling as a light wind speed conditions board.
(iS101 is a really verstatile size, alot of bottom end but still plenty of control and range when really overcooked at the top end- esp with bigger riders)

For others please note : The typical (theoretical) allround use sweetspot for a 95kg rider with 7.5m is actually more like iS111 than even iS101, however in Han's case I know he really wants a board choice with heavy emphasis on speed rather than slalom; (and he can use even iS94 with 7.5m in that mode). In true slalom racing, reacceleration back to top speed around marks etc and maintaining a high average speed (compared to theoretical vMax only) are key factors in selecting the optimum board and in most cases would indicate a board one size (or more) larger than for the same size rider/sail in "speed" mode. Same applies to recreational and general slalaom board sizing/use ; a more moderate approach to small meaning fast yields practical allround benefits for a general user ; a true speed maniac is prepared to compromise more heavily than the average user. And maybe walk (or swim !!) more often

Cheers ~ Ian
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