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Hello Vincenzo,
Can you confirm that your "3 years old" GO 170 is indeed from 2005?
The easiest way is to give me the first few letters/numbers in the serial number.
If you have a FAST or GO construction board (one that's not the ASA "Tufskin") then
your GO 170 may be a bit lighter in weight than the new '08 GO 155.
Here's a comparison of the specs:
'05 GO FAST 170 170 256 90 62.2 10.9 Kg.
'05 GO Tufskin 170 170 256 90 62.2 11.7 Kg.
'08 GO Tufskin 155 155 250 85 58.9 11.75 Kg.
Since it sounds like you are going well on the GO 170 you probably won't have any real problems moving down to the shorter (6 cm/2.36")/narrower (5 cm/1.96") '08 GO Tufskin.
Another upgrade (same size board/lighter construction) you might want to consider would be to get the 155 liter Futura.
Here's the secifications:
Futura 155 155 250 85.0 58.9 8.75 Kg. (WOOD) 9.3 Kg. (Technora)
The 11.75 Kg. (25.9 lbs.) Tufskin GO 155 won't be significantly lighter than your current ('05) GO in either Tufskin or FAST, but there will be a very significant weight advantage to the Futura 155 at 9.3 Kg. (2.45 Kg./5.04 lbs lighter) or the 8.75 Kg WOOD Futura 155 (3.0 Kg./6.6 lbs lighter).
So, upgrading to the '08 GO 155 Tufskin may actually have the board weighing more, not less, than your '05 GO 170, but you do get the 6 cm shorter length and 5 cm narrower width, plus all the other refinements that have been incorporated in the blending of the GO/Futura/Isonic/Carve.
If you were to get the '08 Futura 155 you would get all the refinements and significantly lighter weight.
Hope this helps,
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