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Default Severne Mast Problem

My 550 100% carbon severne mast has a red aluminium collar at the top of bottom section. This collar has a tapered inner profile which mates with the tapered profile of the mast (I believe) and acts as the stopper to hold the top section. Problem is that the red collar is splitting at the base so that the collar is widening & slipping down, presumably because the downhaul tension is so high & maybe because aluminium often corrodes when in contact with carbon. I have seen the same thing on several other severne masts, I don't know why they use the aluminium collar when most masts have the stopper formed from the carbon but it clearly is not real good.

Does anyone know how or if this can be fixed. If I can't fix it the top section will force the collar down till it gives up totally & presumably the top section will break & my sail will be damaged.

It is out of warranty.
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