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Default Who all's going to the Hybrid Showdown?

Who all's going to the Hybrid Showdown in Ft. Walton Beach on the last weekend of October? About 10 of us from our newly formed 20-board Prodigy fleet in Houston are planning on going...and most of us don't even have our complete set-up yet.

The format looks real interesting. All Hybrid boards on the same line, and the fastest 4 get big prizes. We'd LOVE to see Roger there with the Star-board hybrids, as well as other team riders from other manufacturers.

If you're worried about finishing last, DON'T. Our overweight Houston supertanker group will only have 3 weeks to practice on the gear we'll be racing on, and we're limited to the 8.5 because this event is also Prodigy Nationals.

By the way, it's a shame, but the top RSXer's will be on the West Coast for a pre-trials event.

See ya' there!
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