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Hi, scotty
"However the Apollo is great for lightwind recreation sailing so provides a new opportunity for regular guys to get planning!"
Recreation and competition are two different things. In recreation you are motivated by planing, exploring new places - relaxation thru being sure you'll be planing easily. In racing you are motivated by fight and wining. Not necessary to became a champion, you can compete and win or loose to guys like you, but if you know that you will loose before start, then racing looses all its atraction.

"One aspect I do think Formula sailing should alter is max sail size! 12m is huge and means big guys keep the advantage. If sails dropped down to 11m max, then the big guys would have to go for a fuller slightly slower sail, giving the lightweights the advantage for a change!"
I don't agree with this. 12 compensates the weight difference. What really works in racing is fittness and body dynamics with strength.

Garda, thank you very much for support, but I don't feel anybody is insulting me. I'm telling facts from my experience. Ignorance of facts or history causes repeating it.
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