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Default RE: Starboard Appollo/Formula Windsurfing

Hi steveC,
now I see that different ideas are developed from narrow local points of view. You've said that in your area there is no competitions at all. That is very significant difference. "Unattached" people has no requirement to be in community because they don't need the structures that works for them (judges, racing courses, boats, international relations among other racing communities, etc) and are created mostly by themselves. Speaking about me I can't imagine "unattached" man owning formula board. Formula charm is in racing, recreation sailing just creates questions "why do I need so big and heavy sail"?

FE is not a board if you have sailed FW. Carbon boom makes a lot of difference. Also if fleet is less than 20-15 boards then separating that fleet into smaller fleets of FE, FW makes competition not so interesting. In my area half of FW racers have one sail, others 2 sails. About half of them changes equipment once in two year period. They are competitive enough for 2 years. You dont need 3 sails if wind range is 7-25kts and chop not higher than 1m.

I'm not asking to bind industry's innovation. I'm asking for more responsibility from industry, for more understanding about "racing communities". Speaking in marketing terms I'm asking for changes in "target group" description. Mostly racers are not the guys "seeking for top performance", but racing comunities "seeking for fair racing on top equipment, not gear wars". Communities are able to decide not only their limits, but also producers limits and promote that much more agressively and wide than producers.
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