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Thumbs up Long may it continue

Hi Ricardo,

It’s been fun on this thread, I have enjoyed the banter.

I agree with you that windsurfing is growing. I think you make an important point about new ideas in windsurfing attracting people back into the sport and attracting new faces.

I started windsurfing on long boards with an emphasis on displacement rather than planning. There were no foot straps, harnesses, or fully batten sails.

At the time a book by Ken Winner called the “Wind is Free” was an inspiration to me.

To-day I have all the modern, light, strong, efficient gear.

To me Starboard are a breath of fresh air and have brought and continue to bring many people into the sport.

There has never been a more exciting time in windsurfing.

It’s clear to see the passion and enjoyment that people are discovering and some have never lost for light wind sailing.

Speed sailing has made a comeback helped no doubt by GPS and the fascination in breaking the 50 knot barrier.

Slalom racing and wave sailing are growing again in popularity.

Freestyle remains popular and I watch with interest the development of light wind freestyle.

I have watched a few video’s of light wind freestyle on You Tube and they are amazing.

There’s racing and the Olympics.

Of course burn and turn will always be popular.

Long may it continue in its various forms.
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