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Default RE: That pesky rear footstrap

Hi Roger/Rod,

Thanks for the replies. I was in Salvo sunday, Wunderground tells me the wind was 18-20mph. I was using a Gun X-Race 6.3 that I got very cheap becuase it's more tape than sail at this point. The fin was a 50 cm True Ames Santa Barbra weed fin, not a very wide fin. The fin felt really good. The chop wasn't large, it felt large to me, but I'd say it was only about 1 foot high. I weight 220lbs so I was probably a little underpowered in the lulls.

I had smaller boards I could have moved onto, but they are much narrower and not of the last ten years. I really enjoy sailing the f-type so I tend to sail it in most conditions.

I'll try what you suggest about moving the footstraps out. I tend to do most of my sailing on the lakes of the piedmont just barely powered on an 11.0 retro. Will moving the fotstraps out help or hurt that senario?

Something I forgot to mention, when I was bouncing over the chop I kept coming out of my harness lines. Is that due to lack of commitment to them or perhaps lack of flex in my knees?

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