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Default Rio 2008 vs Phantom Race 320 vs Formula in gusty wind

Iím thinking of buy a third board intending for use those days then the wind direction isnít the best at my home spot. Itís a big lake but a fairly narrow bay with good conditions from SE-SW.On other directions, often SW on afternoon and but more W ,after work, I have some transport distance to get to clear wind and I think need a board with CB for that reason.
But first priority are planing mode, second medium wind cruising and at the end maybe some ability to introduce someone new to the game.

Now I have a Carve 121 with 6,0 and 7,1 and also an older formula ( 260 x 94 ) with 9,5 FW
sail that both work fine then the wind is steady. Last year I had lots of back pain and are still not fully recovered (maybe never be, btw Iím 50+ yo and 80 kg) so I will perhaps not get any bigger sails.

I have also owned a SB Express II (258 x 91) but it was too close to my formula and not so good when not fully powered up. I also had tried Hybrid Carve and Phantom 2007 (300 x 80), maybe too short time each to judge, but of different reasons they didnít convince me.

I think I need a fairly long and more narrow board like 2008 Rio S (269 x 76 that also fit inside my car) with a bigger fin than supplied or should Phantom Race 320 (x71) be more optimal for minimize ďsloggingĒ time. Perhaps Rio M (Rio L I think is too wide)

Q for the design team : why are they all rec. up to 9,5 sqm on the website and what about the weight increase, for Rio S, it was 12,3 and now 14,1 kg? Is there going to be more changes ?

I know those are compromises so I maybe should try to increase my skills and go for newer FW equipment with earliest possible planing. The only newer FW I tried is 2007 Apollo but I found it little scary downwind. It tended to dive through the big chop but that just a matter of trim ? (2008 be better but expensive and fragile ). Iím not competing, maybe FE160 will do ?
( Or maybe some of the biggest Futura or Isonic -08 to replace my old FW next year ?)

Lots of Q in my head so any answer or ideas would help me.

Thank you in advance
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