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I owned an E80 '04 and started to gain weight (85->90kg). At the same time, I thought about trying out faster rockered boards, so I ended up with an PA86 '06. Liked it, and actually thought it had a bit more buoyancy(sp?) than the E80, which the volume of course indicates, but I rather believe the width is a larger factor here for sub-planing conditions. The boards had similar widths (E80: 58cm, PA86: 59cm).
The PA86 was my companion for half a year when it got smashed and I bought a new '07 E90. Also, I fixed the PA86.
I altered between these two boards to see which one I was going to keep and after another 6 months, I decided the PA86 was the best animal for me (weighing between 85-92kg's depending on off-season or during season).

I sail windswell only, so to get any descent waves, we need at least good 5.3-winds. For this and down to 4.0, and waves 2-3meters, I found the PA86 offering everything I wanted. The main reason to which I chose the PA86 was that during one session I noticed that I actually was able to turn the PA86 as radical as I did on the E90. Please not however that I don't go as vertical as the E-series probably allows to. I tend to carve more than go really vertical, mainly due to my lack of surfing-abilities

The E90 during the above mentioned conditions, I found a bit too wide and bouncy (we have a bit of chop between the waves because of the wind). However, it was lovely in 5.3-weatehr with clean waves, using it as a FSW-board.

What I would like right now is probably an E80 with a PA86 rocker line. But that is mainly due to the last 4 sessions being in +18m/s and 3 meter waves. I desperatly need a smaller companion to the PA86.

I'm not sure it really helped, because it's all down to the conditions you sail in and your cup of tea regarding board characteristics.

Hmmm, had tor ead your post again and now I see the real question. With your weight and sail size orientation, PA86, no question about it.
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