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Roly Gardner
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Default Deck Damage

Hi Roger,

I wonder if you could help me on a repair issue. Last year, when I first started wearing a harness to get used to the feeling etc, I managed to ding the upper surface of my deck (DRAM I think you call it). As I was getting back on to the board I did not realise that the hook was bearing on the surface and had caused several indentations and one puncture. I did not realise until I got back to shore and was mortified.

Anyway, no water got in and I kind windsurfer gave me some ding stick for the repair. Having made the repair, the board is fine and serviceable. However, my repair is a little "proud" and I wonder if it is possible to sand the surface flush? If so what sort of product would I use and what grade please.I would then need to match in the paint(SB Carve Blue circa 2003) and do not know if I would be able to match this locally or would need to source it from a specialist? Maybe I should just wack a logo transfer on it? I trust that there is nothing that I can do for the indentations?

I suppose that a professional repair would be ideal but am not sure that this would be economic. I will want to upgrade my kit at some point so perhaps I should just hold on to my cash. I would be grateful to receive your thoughts.

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