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Default looking for mast alternatives to NP X9 530


I have been following your latest topics regarding different mast manufacturers and different mast brands seen on the market. Since I can not afford high price for brand new NP X9 530, I started to look for alternative masts available that can work well with my NP RS 10.7 / 9.8..

What I founded is maverix coming from reglass
And infinity (don't know where these masts are coming from, made in Italy for sure). All these masts have a similar IMCS, length and carbon content. I have already rigged my RS 10.7 on infinity and it looks nice. Unfortunately wall thickness is slightly thinner that might result in a overall mast durability, I believe. What is more, Infinity mast is wider a little so cam rotation could be less efficient. I did not use the sail on the water yet since is almost below 0 over here in Poland so I would be glad if anyone can share here his comments.

Are there other options to get a more price reasonable mast for my rs racing sails?
I look forward to your quick response.

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