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Roly Gardner
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Default Fin Size/Sail Size

Hi Roger,

I know you have spent some time explaining this to me before, but I wonder if you could humour me once more?

I now have a quiver as follows;5.0m;5.7m;6.5m;7.8m.

My board is a 2003 Carve 145 which came with a standard straight profiled 52cm fin. I bought a 40 cm, slightly curved profile fin as I found that, when beach starting the longer fin was stopping me getting away from the beach. Not necessarily the reason to alter the fin I know but I was advised by one of the local guys to go to a smaller fin.

I managed to get the right size bolts and sand the new fin to fit as per your instructions, thank you. My question is how big a sail can I use with the smaller fin please?


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