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Hi Roly,
Perhaps the best tool to use to "fair in" the ding stick that is "proud" would be a smooth hand file.
Once you file the piled up ding stick down fair with the surrounding surface (s) you can take some 180-320 grip wet/dry abrasive paper and sand it lightly to really blend it in and
then add a coat or 2 of paint.
If you have an automotive paint store nearby, you can take the board there and have them run a color match.
Other than the above, you may just have to find a spray can that's the closest match you can get and live with that.
There is no specific Starboard "touch up paint available (darn haz mat shipping rules).
If you check out this link it will give you the Pantone color that's the same as your board, but Pantone is a color system that artists use so good luck finding any epoxy or marine enamel type paint that will match a Pantone color chip.
You might find a Pantone color chip and take that to the automotive paint store, but your board may have faded a bit so taking the board may be the best way.
Here's the link:
Some will tell you to use a power sander to knock down the "proud" spots where your board was repaired, and that might work, but I find that a smooth file gives you alot better control.
Then wet sanding with a sponge sanding block with 180-320 grit to blend in the repair to the surrounding paint, a little fresh paint, and maybe touch it lightly with some 400-600 Wet/Dry.
You can fill in the depressions quite easily, but I don't suggest ding stick (sets up too hard and is very hard to rub back.
Something like Marine Tex or JB Weld (or similar filled epoxy) works quite well and if you use lots of masking tape to "shape" your repair to the surrounding area, it gives you a really nice repair with hadly any filing or sanding to fair the repair to the surroundings.
Hope this helps,

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