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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
And poster 1 is assuming mast was used to its design limits in first few uses.
Mast might not be put to its "test" for quite a while !(And still within design limits)
Why cant NP test all masts just post manufacturer (especially X9.)?
Perhaps they`d break too many !!!

Sounds to me as thoug NP are using customers as testers.
"It might break first time used but after that it should be OK "
Not confidance inspiring is it ??
I second that. If the design defects are so readily detected in the first few hours, why don't they just test the heck out of the mast at the factory. That has to be cheaper than shipping the mast around the world and then dealing with the warranty hassles and consumer bad will.

I'm really curious what is the wholesale price that NP pays for each mast... Somebody must know!
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