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PG, thank you for your answer

I have own some longer boards and for teaching beginners I can borrow my old Klepper 370
that I sold to my next neighbour at my home spot. Cruising can be nice but for the moment it is the adrenalin kick with shortboards that I go for. (So no KONA, maybe in the future.)

I live at Lake Všnern (in Sweden) thatís very nice for formula but my problem is that it sometime is hard to see from the beach what the conditions are outside the bay. Owerpowered with formula gear is physical strenuous and dangerous. I also have a shallow beach to walk trough so itís take long time and hard work if I want to change gear.

The Hydrid Carve I tested was not in perfect shape. I couldnít get the CB out with my foot and on planning it felt more unstable than my formula. Had no time to adjust anything that day. Because it was in SB program only one year, I thought that Phantom should be better.

The test of the Phantom 301 was nicer but not the thrill of a formula and too short time for real judgement and once again in SB program only one year, but maybe I get it (and HC) an other try if possible. (I have the SB dealer not so far away)

The new Phantom Race 320, I have not seen and not so much info to read either yet.
The SB message maybe fit my needís perfect but statement from any tester would be nice.

Cut from SB Rio 2008 : ďFor advanced riders, the longer, narrower shape combined with the inboard heel-recesses and more flexible daggerboard allows the board to power upwind off the leeward rail. When planning, the tail with large cutaways and tail side-cuts deliver a powerful and exiting rideĒ. Could someone confirm that it works that good in reality?

BR Erland
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