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What boards did you use for your lessons?
Did they have a centerboard, and did you use the centerboard (daggerboard) all the time.
If you move directly to a GO or Futura, you won't have the option of a centerboard or centerfin, so that may be an "unexplored area" for both of you.
What size rigs did you use for your lessons?
What windspeeds do you anticipate sailing in.......12 knots....14 knots....16 knots....18 knots..... more?
The available windspeed will be a huge factor in what size rigs you need to plane.
If 8-12 knots, then a 7.5-8.5 m2 rig would be about the minimum size required to get a 150# sailor planing on the GO 155 or Futura 155.
If 12-16 knots then 6.5-7.5 m2 will get you planing most of the time.
If the windspeed is more than 15 knots then 5.5-6.5 m2 rigs would be good and keep you planing.
If more than 18 knots, then the sizes (4.5 & 5.5 m2) recommended will work.
If you get a larger wider GO, or the Rio S you might get planing a little sooner. The Rio would give you the security of a centerboard, but the added weight of the Tufskin, plus the Clipperbox III centerboard is not going give the same performance as the GO 155 or
166 down the road. The GO 166 could be very good initially, but since you are both small and lightweight (relatively speaking) you will outgrow the 166 much sooner than the GO/Futura 155.
Also, the new Rios are longer and narrower, so if you learned on some sort of longboard (not a Start or Rio) then you will get more light wind performance from the Rio, but it won't plane as soon as the wider GO/Futura.
Lot's of options here.
Neither you nor your bride need really high volume as you probably have passed the point where you need a high stability, high volume board.
So, you might even look for something smaller in the 135 liter range.
It will be a full on shortboard, with no provision for a centerboard, but it sounds like you may be ready for this type of board.
If you feel up to a little bit of a challenge, and you've both sailed without a centerboard, then look at the GO 133 or Futura 133. These 2 are 76 cm wide (plenty wide enough) and have plenty of volume for either you or your bride.
These boards have significantly more "down the road" usefulness than a Rio M/S or the larger GO 155/166.
A little more fragile in the Futura construction vs the GO Tufskin, but the lighter weight will pay dividends in performance later on.
Hope this helps,

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