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Originally Posted by AlexWind View Post

...many of the 100% carbon masts are done here in Italy by Reglass or Triana)...

Hi Alex,

you have forgotten another italian manufacturer, ITALICA S.p.A., that makes all masts for NORTH SAILS (at least Gold and Platinum models)

Originally Posted by AlexWind View Post

...another thing is that NP (for instance..) changes the mast curve almost each year so a NP 06 mast could not be good for a NP 08 sail and vice versa...
Somewhere someone said: "mast is the backbone of sail" and so its importance is crucial in sail performances; nevertheless I think we haven't to fall in a masts schizophrenia (paranoia) only because sellers, for a well known marketing reason, want to sell always new products.

For example, this year I wanted to buy a North 520 Platinum mast (made by Italica but very expensive for my budget) and I've found that it was perfectly replaceable with a mast of another brand (to which I don't want to make advertising), but always made by Italica... I repeat, it is perfectly replaceable but really cheaper.

About NP X9, I don't think they are so crazy to change mast curve every year... but I'm not so updated about and, today, nothing surprises me any longer !!

- Exp.

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