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Default Hydroptére

To late......
Soon a new king for speed.

After crossing the Channel faster than Blériot did by plane, l’Hydroptère beat two world speed records ratified by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) on 4th April 2007:

* An average of 44.81 knots over 500 meters, speed record in category D
* An average of 41.69 knots over one nautical mile (Outright Nautical Mile) in all categories

Today, l’Hydroptère is the fastest sailing craft over one nautical mile, thus showing her capacity to combine reliability and performance.

The carbon bird was taken to a shipyard in early October 2007 to be configured for pure speed.
The next goal, as announced by Alain Thébault and his crew for 2008, is to beat the absolute speed record over 500 meters, held by Finian Maynard with an average speed of 48.7 knots, following the ultimate dream of exceeding the legendary 50-knot sailing speed barrier, equivalent to the aeronautical sound barrier.

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