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Default RE: That pesky rear footstrap

I got many of the same problems dicussed in this thread.

I have problems with the rear footstraps. I sail with a GO 170 and thunderbird II 7.5 and 2003 6.5 Storm sails.

In august, after learning to plane, I decided to go for the straps. First I had them in the middle position on the board, and set wide so I could get easy into them. This worked, and I was soon able to plane with straps. Then I decided to go for the advanced position, near the rail. I managed to do that, too, but had a couple of catapults. In the second session in advanced straps, I had a bad catapult, that resulted in a ding on the board, and bruises on my leg. It was also due to sailing in about 50 cm chops and beeing overpowered. I had to fix board, and waited two weeks for the next wind to kick in. Bought a smaller sail, too.

Now I can't get in rear straps! It's like I have forgot how to get in straps. The back foot is nailed. I haven't been catapulting the three last sessions while only sailing in front straps. Straps are in advanced position. Front foot in strap, and back feet is right over the fin. I have tightened the front straps, to avoid puting foot too far into, so it's easier to lift the rail. I have got comment from advanced sailors, I have a good speed, and they are surprised a large board can build up that speed so easy. But yesterday I manged to go even faster, by relaxing in the harness. I sailed with a 6.5 storm sail in about 16-18 knots. The speed was scary, as imagination kicks in and I start to wonder what happen if I catapult in this speed. I have been skiing, and racing downhill. I think beginners would be scared and probably bad hurt at that downhill speed, while it is no problem for me. So it's maybe the same for windsurfing? I have to get used to that speed?

I have found a flat water spot, with much less chops than where I sailed before. My idea now is to try to practice raising the back feet while on plane. And try to find the speed it is possible to get into rear strap without sinking the rail. But suspect I will go even FASTER when into both straps and relaxing in harness. The relatively flat water also makes everything going faster.

Isn't it dangerous to catapult at that speed?

And I wonder if you know a way to slow down while in straps and harness, when I feel I am going too fast?
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